How To Contact Someone Who Blocked You On Discord

How To Contact Someone Who Blocked You On Discord. The easiest way to check if someone blocked you on discord is to react to their messages. They do not want any contact from you.

How to Block Members from a Discord Chat on a PC or Mac 6 Steps from

Watch popular content from the following creators: If you were blocked, it. Open the dm option on discord find your contact.

Click On Their Username That Has The @ Symbol.

The other answers tell you how to tell if someone unfriended you, or if they have their dms open, not if they blocked you. By default, discord allows people who you share a server with to send you private messages and ping you. Follow & like for more!!

React To A Message They’ve Sent You.

And click the message icon next to the profile as you can see in the screenshot below: The only way for them to see that message is by them choosing to see it. If someone blocked you on discord, you are not able to see their bio or profile.

If You Are Able To React To The Message Then The Other Person Has Not Blocked You.

Open your friend list and click on the option “blocked”. Open the person’s direct message history and react to a message they sent you. Screen shaking notifications on discord.

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When a person blocks you, it will automatically remove you from their friend’s list and you are no longer to see their details as well. To block someone on discord on the desktop application, follow these steps. There are two ways to block someone on discord.

Check That Person’s Name In Your List Of Friends If That Person Has Blocked You.

The best ever method to check if you are blocked by someone on discord is to open a chat thread and try reacting to a message in direct messaging options. If you are able to react to the message, you are not blocked. Swipe left on the person’s name and click on the “ unblock ” option.