How To Lower Action On Martin Guitar

How To Lower Action On Martin Guitar. Later i had a bone nut installed and the strings were lowered some there too. But it came out great, and i learned a ton.

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Customers call us every single day asking how to adjust (usually lower) the action on their acoustic guitar. Make small adjustments and never force the truss rod if it’s tight. I always do it in this order:

And, Martin Won't Pay For A Neck Reset On A Brand New Guitar.

That first guitar also involved coil tapping the pickups, plus all the other wiring, shaping/cutting the nut and setting it up. Once you have identified which of these is wrong, you change that thing,. Very easy to play, yet somehow not at all buzzy when strumming.

I Checked The Action And It Is Just A Hair Under 4/32 @ The 12Th Fret Bottom Of The Low E String (And I Know The Treble Strings Feel High).

Average action by today's standards would probably be about 6/64 (bottom e, 12th fret, measured from the top of the fret not the fingerboard). I started working on guitars in '95 when, as a lefty player, i decided to build my own frankenstein with a warmoth neck and body. Martin ships their guitars with higher action because it is easier for a musician to drop their action than it is to raise it.

I Would Buy A Replacement Saddle And Use It To Test To See If Lowering The Action Affected The Volume, Tone Or Plays Without Buzz.

The nut height should be independent of the saddle height. The capo should be placed at fret 1, and the low e should be pressed down at the body joint (fret 15 for most guitars). The reason is explained above.

I Took It In And Had That Lowered To 6/64Ths & 5/64S.

Martin is notorius for shipping guitars with high (but still within reasonable tolerances) action. The martin guitar factory considers a low ‘e’ bass string to be within specification if the distance from the 12th fret to the bottom of the low e string is between 2.38 mm (3/32″) minimum, to 2.78 mm (7/64″) maximum. Action goes hand in hand with intonation, so you need to find balance between both.

3 Measure The Action Height At The 12Th Fret.

You may want to wait and see if an actual guitar tech responds before you do anything though. But it came out great, and i learned a ton. Now, the string should be pushed down in the middle of the neck (fret 7 for 14 fret guitars, or f the low you should have a gap of about 1/2 the thickness.