How To Set Thermostat In 2 Story House

How To Set Thermostat In 2 Story House. Entek can provide you with the perfect thermostat setup to fit your home’s needs and create zones that work best for you and your family. Finally, make sure all vents are left open and your air conditioner and heater can run at their fullest capacity.

Your Thermostat Should Be Set No Lower Than 78 Degrees In Summer from

You will want to take the opposite approach in the winter. During the summer, i set the thermostats at 72 degrees on the first floor and 75 degrees on the second floor. Keeping it into the most central part of the whole house helps keep the temperature the most regulated.

Set Temp Slightly Higher To Top Floor For The Bottom Floor Thermostat.

Two of the top ways for how to keep attic cool include: I have a split air central hvac unit with dual thermostats, one upstairs and one downstairs, that control the air distribution. This will make the cool air rise to top floor easier.

I Would Just Set The Thermostats To The Temperature You Want.

When you do have multiple thermostats installed, here’s what you should do: The ideal thermostat location is fairly high up on a first floor wall, which will help it find the average temperature. Warm air on the first floor will rise and make the upper floors more comfortable.

Keeping It Into The Most Central Part Of The Whole House Helps Keep The Temperature The Most Regulated.

Set the upper most floor’s thermostat to the temperature you want. And as you learn more about your preferences and how the system works, you can benefit even more from your system. The lowest floor will reach your desired temperature, and warm air will rise to heat the upper floors.

In This Video, We Will Show You How To Set Both Of Your Thermostats In Your Two.

The downstairs will end up running more but that's ok. While usually when a second floor a/c is set to a higher temp than the first floor, its to prevent over cooling of the second floor. Some homes aren't as open between floors as others.

It Can Go 100% Upstairs, 100% Downstairs, Or Somewhere In Between.

You will want to take the opposite approach in the winter. If your preferred temperature in the summer is 72 degrees, then set the downstairs thermostat to 70 and the upstairs to 74. Many homeowners get into the habit of setting thermostats for each floor.