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Remote Start Not Working After Car Battery Change

Remote Start Not Working After Car Battery Change. It should be near the drivers side hood hinge. Then, press the “lock” button three times.

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I replaced the dead batteries recently in 2 of my remote key fobs. A new key can cost over $300 depending on the make and model. You can find replacement key fob batteries at batteries plus.

Insert Your Key Into The Ignition And Pull It Back Out Six Times Within A Maximum Of Just 10 Seconds.

While in the driver’s seat, close the driver’s side door. Check the remote antenna inside of your vehicle. Insert your key into the ignition turn it to the on position — right before actually starting the car, the lights should turn on.

After Following The Third Step, With Your Vehicle Key In Position And The Engine On The Ignition Mode, Press And Hold The Lock Button On The Key Fob, And Then Turn The Vehicle Key Back Off.

Since the replacement, the remote fob keys are not working. We get many inquiries where the car owner can't start the car after changing the battery. If your car key remote works after replacing the battery, then you're done.

The Vehicle Cannot Be Started With The Fob In The Car.

Any reputable car audio retailer or jeweler, or even radio shack should. The nats system does not recognize the key fob. This device gets installed under the hood of your vehicle and prevents the engine from starting when the hood is up.

Insert Your Key Into The Ignition Turn It To The On Position — Right Before Actually Starting The Car, The Lights Should Turn On.

If your mercedes keyfob isn’t working after changing the battery, you can reprogram it yourself. Get “invalid key id”, or ”no key detected” messages. Any remote starter must have a method of preventing the vehicle from starting when the hood is open.

The Cause Of A Key Fob Not Working After A Battery Change Might Have Nothing To Do With The Key Fob.

Look for the hood safety switch. Your key fob has lost its memory. A simple fix may be the location of the key.

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